We can show the value of any number by writing it in one of 1 of 3 ways.

Expanded Form Word Form  |  Standard Form

Practise: Place Value Games

Interactive Place Value

These are some links that can help you with all areas of math and they are really great for reviewing things. You can thank the General for all these helpful sites. Just make sure you do what he says!


Reading and writing numbers is huge. If we can’t read the numbers in-front of us then there is no way we can solve the problem. We use the rules of Place Value to get the job done.


Mannie's Build-a-Block

Meet Paul Pattern

Number Sequences

Patterns are everywhere. We use patterns every day and we don't even notice. When we stop and look around we can begin to see these patterns and describe them. From predicting the weather to adding numbers, pattens can be helpful in so many different ways.

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...is when we bring 2 (or more) numbers together to make a new total.