02/02/2020 - February Update

Sunday, February 2, 2020 2:02 PM

Hope you all enjoyed Super Bowl (even though the wrong team won). You are allowed to have a different opinion though, even if it’s the wrong one. It’s okay. Anyways… Happy February! As of today we are officially half-way through the school year. That happened fast. Also, yesterday had a kinda cool calendar moment happen - Happy Palindrome Day! In the middle of yesterday’s Super Bowl pregame show we had the clock hit 2:02 which meant the full calendar would have read 2:02 PM, 02/02/2020 (oh and my house number just so happens to be 20). My wife looked at me like I had 27 eyes but I was excited nonetheless. Anyways… February is looking like a busy one so here’s what we have happening.

Important Dates:

*Wednesday, February 5th – Winter Walk Day

**Thursday, February 6th – Bow Habitat Fieldtrip (all day)

***Wednesday, February 12th – Valentine’s Day Party (pm)

Thursday, February 13th & Friday, February 14th – no school

Monday, February 17th – Family Day (no school)

Tuesday, February 18th – Parent Council Meeting (gr. 3 team presenting) 7pm

Thursday, February 20th – Spirit Day (PJ Day) & Fun Lunch (Opa)

Wednesday, February 26th – Pink Shirt Day (anti-bullying)

Thursday, February 27th – Grade 3 Assembly 2:15pm (tentative start time)

*This Wednesday is Winter Walk Day so we will be heading outside in the afternoon for a short jaunt around Sundance, and maybe into the park. Please have your child dressed appropriately for the weather, especially gloves/mitts and proper footwear for the snow.

**Our fieldtrip to Bow Habitat Station is this Thursday and we will be there all day. Please ensure that your child has a good lunch packed for that day. Thank you to all those parents who are volunteering!

***We will be celebrating Valentine’s Day on the afternoon of Wednesday, February 12th. We will have a classroom party and hand out Valentines. I will send home a list of all students. If your child is choosing to hand out Valentines, please ensure they make one for everyone. Handing out Valentines is completely optional.

Language Arts

We are still reading “Stella Diaz Has Something To Say” and should be finished either this week or early next week. We are also continuing with our paragraph writing unit and will tie this into Science as we complete research and write paragraphs about different animals.

We received our rainbow trout eggs from FinS at the beginning of January and the students have enjoyed watching them morph from eggs to alevins. To make this even more fun, students have been creating their own “Diary of a Trout” books, modelled after Doreen Cronin’s books “Diary of a Worm”, “Diary of a Fly”, and “Diary of a Spider”.


A new month means a new fact frenzy, which we will complete either this week or next. It will once again include facts for addition, subtraction and multiplication. If you have not already returned your child’s yellow duotang, please do so tomorrow. We have also been tackling three-digit addition as well as word problems. We will move on to three-digit subtraction this week.


We have completed our unit on Hearing and Sound and today we began Animal Life Cycles. Students will be learning about the six categories of animals, and will eventually be completing a research project on an animal of their choice. You can check out some resources on the Science Resources page.

Social Studies

We are continuing our study of Peru. Students finished looking at different artifacts today, and will also be completing an activity involving different photographs from Peru. As with India, they will complete a postcard to demonstrate their learning, as well as an art project that is unique to this region. Resource and further links can be found on the Social Studies Resources page.


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